Qbox is a FiveM roleplay framework created on September 27, 2022.

Starting as a QBCore fork, its goal was improving upon QBCore while maintaining backwards compatibility.
Today this framework strives to be much greater, and utilizes overextended's resources (opens in a new tab) to achieve its goals.

Support & Questions

Support for Qbox is provided by the community in the support channels of the Qbox Discord (opens in a new tab).

Luckily, Qbox benefits from a great community with varied experience. We encourage everyone to help each other in a friendly and respectable manner.

Converting from QBCore

Already have a server that uses QBCore? No worries! Qbox has backwards-compatibility for almost all QBCore scripts, with a few exceptions (learn more in the FAQ).

Planning on converting to Qbox anyway to be able to utilize its new and modern functions and features? Learn how to convert your resources to Qbox in Converting from QBCore.

Note for Developers

Planning on utilizing qbx_core in your next resource? Make sure to read the Developer's Guide to learn about principles that make you avoid bad practices and help you in having a better developer expetience.

Contributing to Qbox

Contributions are always welcome, but we prefer quality over quantity! Please read our contributing guidelines (opens in a new tab) to learn how best to contribute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQ to learn more about Qbox.